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Karimpanackal Group

Karimpanackal Group, a cornerstone of excellence, operates through three dynamic ventures. Karimpanackal Air Products specialises in Liquid Medical Oxygen production, ensuring a consistent supply while also championing the installation and maintenance of Liquid Medical Oxygen production plants. Karimpanackal Enterprises stands at the forefront of the market, dealing in a vast range of gases, from Medical Nitrous Oxide to Industrial Gases. Lastly, Karimpanackal Traders offers an array of products, encompassing everything from soda gas, cutting-edge soda machines, spare parts, and the essentials like mineral water and club soda. Together, our ventures encapsulate a holistic approach to meeting diverse needs, always driven by commitment and quality.

Karimpanackal Air Products

Karimpanackal Air Products stands at the forefront, embodying innovation in Medical Liquid Oxygen production, filling, and plant installation. Our dynamic presence extends to over 250 hospitals in Kerala and South India. With a robust capacity of 20,000 litres, we're a cornerstone of reliability. Located within Adoor Kinfra Industrial Estate, we operate at a commendable pace of 60 bulk cylinder fills per hour, delivering cost-effective solutions for both the industrial and medical sectors. Our vision encompasses the future installation of a 20,000-litre carbon dioxide tank, enhancing our commitment. Currently, our Liquid Medical Oxygen Tank is operational at different leading hospitals in and around Kerala, amplifying our impact on healthcare.

Karimpanackal Enterprises

Karimpanackal Enterprises, a distinguished legacy of nearly three decades, stands as a premier dealer of Medical Gases and Industrial Gases. Our array of offerings, including Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO), Medical Oxygen, Medical Nitrous Oxide, Medical Nitrogen & Liquid Nitrogen, and Medical Carbon Dioxide, caters to diverse needs. Our extensive reach spans over 250 hospitals and more than 350 households in Kerala and South India, ensuring a consistent supply of essential medical gases. With a robust fleet of over 10 trucks, we operate 24/7, delivering excellence that lives up to our reputation. Our commitment to precision and timely deliveries remains unwavering, empowering industries and healthcare with unparalleled solutions.

Karimpanackal Traders

Karimpanackal Traders, with a rich industry experience spanning numerous years, stands as a leading dealer of diverse products. Our offerings encompass Soda Gas, Soda Machine and Spare Parts, Mineral Water, 20 Litter Jar Water, and Club Soda. Operating in Kerala and South India, our extensive network services over 400 loyal customers regularly. Our commitment to quality and reliability defines our approach, ensuring that every product we supply contributes to enhancing experiences. With a legacy built on trust, Karimpanackal Traders remains a symbol of excellence in providing a comprehensive range of solutions to meet varied customer needs.

Our Uniqueness

Safety & Quality

At Karimpanackal Group, safety is paramount. Our production and sales adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring excellence in every product. From medical gases to soda solutions, each offering is crafted with meticulous care, meeting industry benchmarks. We implement advanced safety measures to safeguard both our production processes and end users. With dedicated quality control, we guarantee purity, reliability, and consistency. Our commitment to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards underscores our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Choose Karimpanackal Group for products that prioritise your well-being and exceed expectations.

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